State of Vermont Department of Labor Job Center Specialist II in Burlington, Vermont

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Job Center Specialist II

Job Code:'234520

Pay Plan:'Classified

Pay Grade:'21

Occupational Category:'Administrative Services, HR & Fiscal Operations

Effective Date:'09/07/2014

Class Definition:

Assist clients with significant barriers to employment to obtain and maintain employment on a long-term basis, by performing intensive case management services, primarily in a VDOL American Job Center district office.

Examples of Work:

The Job Center Specialist II works within the Vermont Department of Labor, Workforce Development Division's American Job Centers and provides case management services to job seekers. Promotes and delivers comprehensive services offered through the VDOL's American Job Centers to job seekers and employers. The JCS II collaborates with partner organizations and agencies to promote, whenever possible, an effective and seamless workforce-education, training and job placement system that will benefit the individual client.

Determines eligibility for federal and/or state funded programs and assists job seekers with significant barriers to employment to obtain and maintain employment on a long-term basis. With the goal of working toward securing full-time, unsubsidized employment for participants, JCS II will provide case management services, generally within one program area, but may also refer and/or co-enroll 'participant in multiple programs as able and necessary. JCS II must be well-versed and knowledgeable in VDOL program resources and assistance, as well as programs of our partner agencies and organizations. Ensures that clients are co-enrolled in all programs for which they qualify, and request assistance from VDOL case managers in other programs to assist and enroll the client into applicable programs, including, but not limited to, WIOA Adult, Youth, or Dislocated Worker; Trade (TAA); Veterans programs; other options such as programs funded by special grants such as NEG, or other programs leading to job training, credentials, certifications, and employment.

Interviews clients who are often under significant personal and financial burden, and who may exhibit significant stress and anxiety, and may be uncooperative or angry. It is expected that JCS II staff will engage all clien